In a shocking revelation, the Association for Abandoned Animals has confirmed a horrifying incident in Gozo. In a Facebook post, the association stated, “We can verify that this is not a fictional story. THIS IS THE TRUTH.” According to the post, cats and dogs were slaughtered and turned into sausage for human consumption, resulting in several hospitalizations.

The incident took place in Xaghra, a village in Gozo, where an individual, described as “an idiot and a savage,” was responsible for the gruesome act. The contaminated sausages were sold and consumed by unsuspecting locals, leading to severe health issues and subsequent hospitalizations.

Community Outrage and Silence from Authorities

The local community is outraged and horrified by this atrocity. Despite the gravity of the situation, there has been a complete and deafening silence from the authorities, even though the incident occurred weeks ago. The lack of response and action from the officials has only added to the community’s frustration and fear.

The Facebook post by the Association for Abandoned Animals expressed a strong desire to publicly name and shame the perpetrator. “We wish we could splatter his name and photo on this page. We are dying to do this actually, but we are not sure about any legal repercussions,” the post read. This highlights the legal challenges and potential repercussions that prevent the full exposure of the individual responsible.

The silence from the authorities cannot continue. There needs to be a thorough investigation and swift action to address this grievous act. The public deserves transparency and reassurance that such incidents will not be tolerated and that animal welfare laws will be strictly enforced.

This is not a fictional story but a harsh reality that demands immediate attention. The people of Gozo deserve answers and justice. It is imperative that the authorities break their silence, hold the perpetrator accountable, and take measures to ensure the safety and well-being of both animals and humans in the community. Only then can trust be restored and the community begin to heal from this unimaginable betrayal.