Establishing its presence in the broadcasting landscape, Radio 105, also known as Radio Galaxy, embarked on its journey on December 6, 2001. This milestone was achieved following the issuance of a license by the Broadcasting Authority to Mr. Manuel Chircop. The license specifically authorized community-based broadcasting, designating frequency 105 for Radio 105’s transmissions. Notably, the Malta Communications Authority facilitated this by releasing the same frequency to Mr. Chircop, laying the foundation for a community-centric radio station.

Since its inception, Radio 105 has been a dynamic platform with a diverse array of presenters hosting engaging programs. The station has not only entertained but also served as a conduit for community expression and interaction. The commitment to community-based broadcasting has been a hallmark of Radio 105’s journey.

Over the years, the station has become a valuable resource for local organizations. Numerous entities have leveraged Radio 105’s services to disseminate information, promote events, and actively engage with the community. This symbiotic relationship has reinforced the station’s role as a hub for local connectivity.

Presently, Radio 105 has evolved to keep pace with the changing media landscape. As part of a network of digital stations, it is accessible online and through smart speakers, broadening its reach beyond traditional radio frequencies. This transition aligns with the station’s commitment to staying current and adapting to technological advancements.

In addition to traditional broadcasting, Radio 105 now offers innovative services such as ‘in-house radio’ and ‘digital content.’ These ventures extend the station’s influence into new realms, catering to diverse audience preferences and ensuring a multifaceted approach to community engagement.

In essence, Radio 105 has not only stood the test of time but has embraced evolution, expanding its services and accessibility. As it continues to thrive in the digital age, Radio 105 remains a dynamic force in community-based broadcasting, fostering connection, and providing a platform for diverse voices.