Former President Donald Trump has announced on social media that he expects to be arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation by a Manhattan district attorney next week, as New York law enforcement officials prepare for a possible indictment. Trump’s statement has stirred up emotions among his supporters, who have been called upon to stage protests and “take our nation back.”

Meetings have been held throughout the week among city, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in New York City to prepare for the possible indictment of the former president. The investigation has been focused on a hush-money scheme involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels, which has been ongoing for years.

If the former president is indicted, it would be a historic first and could quickly shift the political conversation around the already divisive figure. Trump has faced multiple civil litigations both before and after taking office, but a criminal charge would represent a significant escalation of his legal troubles as he attempts to regain the White House in the 2024 elections.

Despite his statement, Trump did not elaborate on why he expects to be arrested. However, he has been encouraging his supporters to rally behind him and believes that an indictment could help him politically.

The announcement has sparked concerns among law enforcement officials, as Trump’s base has been known to be vocal and occasionally violent in their demonstrations. Police officials have expressed their commitment to ensuring public safety and maintaining order, regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

The former president’s statements come amid ongoing political tensions in the United States, with the Republican party continuing to push for election reform while Democrats seek to solidify their hold on power. The potential indictment of Donald Trump could further exacerbate these tensions and set the stage for a contentious battle over the future of American politics.