Daniel Nardiello, a former Manchester United prospect, has opened up about the shocking initiation process he was subjected to during his time at the club. Speaking on the Under the Cosh podcast, the 40-year-old revealed that he was forced to simulate sex with an imaginary woman in front of some of the club’s treble-winning heroes as part of his initiation.

Nardiello joined Manchester United from Wolves in 1999 and made his debut for the club two years later in a League Cup defeat to Arsenal. However, he spent most of his time at the club out on loan before leaving permanently in 2005 after completing a move to Barnsley.

The former striker’s revelation sheds light on the more outrageous initiations players had to go through when they joined a new club. Nardiello described his experience as “horrible” and revealed that several other players were forced to participate in a similar initiation ritual.

According to Nardiello, the initiation involved having to describe an imaginary woman and then simulate sex with her on a table. The former striker claims that some of the club’s legends, including David Beckham, Roy Keane, and Ryan Giggs, were present during the initiation process.

Initiations have long been a controversial part of football culture, with many arguing that they perpetuate harmful attitudes towards women and contribute to a toxic locker room environment.

Nardiello’s revelation is sure to reignite the debate around these controversial practices, and many will be watching closely to see if Manchester United and other clubs take action to stamp out initiations once and for all.

Photo Credit: Manchester United