Parisians have made a significant decision by voting to ban rental electric scooters in their city, dealing a major blow to the scooter operators and providing a triumph for road safety campaigners. Official results have shown that almost 90% of votes cast on Sunday favored the ban on battery-powered devices. However, less than 8% of eligible voters participated in the referendum.

The referendum was called as a response to the increasing number of people being injured and killed on e-scooters in the French capital. Paris, one of the first cities to adopt electric vehicles, witnessed a surge in their usage over the years. Nevertheless, the scooters have caused significant disruptions in the city, with critics arguing that they are doing more harm than good.

According to official figures, of the 1.38 million people on the city’s electoral register, only just over 103,000 took part in the referendum. Among those, over 91,300 cast their votes against the scooters.

This referendum marks a pivotal moment for the city, as the decision to ban e-scooters will have far-reaching implications for both the scooter operators and Parisians who rely on them for their daily commute. Road safety campaigners hope that the decision will significantly reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on the city’s streets.

In conclusion, Parisians have taken a significant step towards improving road safety by voting to ban rental electric scooters in their city. However, the low turnout in the referendum suggests that there is still much work to be done in educating the public on the dangers of e-scooters and encouraging them to participate in the democratic process.