Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is currently undergoing treatment for a type of chronic leukemia, according to hospital doctors in Milan. The 86-year-old was admitted to intensive care on Wednesday after experiencing breathing difficulties, and doctors confirmed that he was also suffering from a related lung infection.

Berlusconi is a four-time prime minister and media mogul who still leads his political party and holds an elected position as senator. However, he has faced a number of health problems since contracting Covid-19 in 2020

Despite these challenges, Berlusconi’s colleagues have expressed hope that he will make a full recovery and continue to play a leading role in Italian politics. Forza Italia, the centre-right party that Berlusconi founded, remains a key player in Italian politics, and is currently a junior partner in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s coalition.

Antonio Tajani, Italy’s foreign minister and one of the most senior figures in Forza Italia, has stated that he remains optimistic about Berlusconi’s future prospects. “We want to be optimistic,” Tajani said. “We know that Berlusconi is a fighter, and we are confident that he will pull through.