In a recent social media message, it was announced that the highly anticipated street decorations for the Feast of the Holy Trinity in Marsa will be halted due to the possibility of unstable weather conditions. The decision was made after careful consideration of detailed reports received from reliable weather forecasting sites. Although it is disheartening to make this call, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

The announcement highlighted the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend, with a high probability of rain on Saturday morning and strong winds expected on Sunday evening. Considering the potential risks associated with these weather conditions, the responsible choice was made to suspend the construction of the street decorations.

The organizing committee expressed their gratitude to the dedicated members who have been working tirelessly to ensure a memorable celebration. These individuals have been diligently taking every necessary precaution to guarantee the safety and success of the feast. Their sacrifice and commitment are acknowledged and appreciated.

Photo Credit: Tal-Kantina Marsa