Thursday evening marked a historic milestone for Hamrun and its devoted fans. The occasion was a celebration of Joseph Portelli’s third anniversary at the club and the unveiling of the design for their new stadium.

The eagerly anticipated revelation occurred during the annual general meeting held at Daniel’s Mall, which attracted many members. Following the unanimous approval by the members for Joseph Portelli and the current management to continue their tenure for another season, President Portelli himself presented the design of the Spartans Arena, named Victor Tedesco Stadium, amidst great enthusiasm from those in attendance.

Mr. Portelli proudly announced that the new stadium will accommodate slightly over 3,000 spectators and is projected to be completed within a timeframe of less than three years, commencing from the start of construction.

During his speech, Mr. Portelli emphasized that the club’s objectives for the upcoming season remain twofold: to secure a spot in the group stage of European competitions and to sustain their success on the domestic front.

This unveiling marks a significant step forward for Hamrun Spartans, reflecting their commitment to enhancing the fan experience and solidifying their presence in the footballing world. With the new stadium on the horizon, the club’s supporters can look forward to a state-of-the-art facility that will undoubtedly serve as a beacon for local football events.

As the project takes shape, Hamrun Spartans are poised to embark on an exciting journey, bolstered by their passionate fanbase and the unwavering dedication of their management. The future looks promising for the club, and the unveiling of the stadium design serves as a testament to their ambition and vision for continued success, both on and off the pitch.