On Saturday, the 17th of June, an event showcasing combat sports took place at the prestigious Montekristo Estates, resulting in a remarkable performance by the Maltese competitors.

The event encompassed four distinct disciplines of combat sports: boxing, kickboxing, K1 rules, and mixed martial arts. Demonstrating their prowess, the Maltese fighters achieved resounding victories, triumphing over opponents hailing from England, Wales, Italy, and Germany. In fact, the Maltese contingent emerged triumphant in the majority of the fights, securing success in nine out of twelve bouts held during the evening, including five international matchups.

The Maltese victors who distinguished themselves were:

Ruud Chircop – Mixed Martial Arts (bout)

Aleandro Schembri Manicaro – Mixed Martial Arts (bout)

Ivyn Abdilla – K1

Michael Bonnici – K1

Furthermore, several Maltese fighters showcased their boxing prowess, delivering knockout blows to their adversaries. The accomplished pugilists who emerged victorious through their knockout performances were Brandon Borg, Fouad Wakil, Lydon Xuereb, and Mark Manicolo. Kevin Agrelier, on the other hand, secured victory through the scoring system, exhibiting his tactical finesse.

A total of 22 clubs actively participated in this illustrious event, with each club’s contingent comprising fighters, coaches, and supporting staff, collectively contributing to the success of the evening.

Radio105.mt had the opportunity to engage in an interview with the event organizer, Mr. Simon Chetcuti, who expressed sincere appreciation towards all the participating athletes and conveyed his satisfaction with the overall success of the event.