The fate of the five crew members trapped inside the missing Titanic submersible is now a source of concern, as it is likely that their oxygen supply has been depleted. Despite this dire situation, rescue teams remain hopeful for a miraculous outcome, relying on a state-of-the-art underwater robot that has been deployed to search the ocean floor for the stranded submersible.

Search crews have been engaged in an urgent race against time, tirelessly scouring the Atlantic in an attempt to locate the vessel. The submersible lost communication on Sunday, leaving only a narrow window of 96 hours of life support. The US Coastguard issued a warning, stating that the oxygen supply was expected to run out today at 13:08 pm (7:08 am ET). Consequently, it is highly likely that the crew aboard the Titan submersible is now deprived of breathable air, as humans can only survive a few minutes without oxygen.

On Sunday, OceanGate’s submersible, Titan, mysteriously disappeared less than two hours into its descent to the depths of 12,500 feet, where the Titanic wreckage lies.