Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, aged 30, is facing a major setback as the confirmation of a positive B sample has dashed hopes of overturning his failed drugs test. This controversy unfolded when Pogba was provisionally suspended last month, triggered by an initial sample that revealed unusually high levels of testosterone in his system.

The situation took a turn for the worse for the French international following a routine random test conducted after Juventus’ commanding 3-0 victory over Udinese on the 20th of August. Curiously, Pogba was an unused substitute during that particular match, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding his test.

The severity of the allegations cannot be understated, as Pogba potentially faces a suspension ranging from two to four years if found guilty of doping. Such an outcome would undoubtedly jeopardize his career and tarnish his reputation as one of the world’s premier footballers.

In the wake of Pogba’s initial suspension in September, Nado Italia, the anti-doping body, released a statement pointing out the violation of rules. Their findings revealed the presence of prohibited non-endogenous testosterone metabolites in Pogba’s test results, with a strong indication that these compounds had an external source. Testosterone, as widely recognized, provides athletes with increased endurance, making any involvement with it a serious breach of integrity in sports.

Despite the mounting evidence against him, Pogba remains resolute in his stance to clear his name. The Juventus midfielder firmly believes that if any banned substance did enter his system, it was entirely inadvertent. His reputation, career, and the integrity of the sport hang in the balance as this contentious case unfolds.