In the midst of the Israel-Gaza conflict, individual stories of heartache often get lost in the turmoil. Adva Adar’s experience is one such poignant tale that underscores the human toll of the ongoing conflict, as reported by the BBC.

Adva’s 85-year-old grandmother lives in a kibbutz near the Gaza border. When she lost contact with her grandmother one Saturday, Adva desperately scoured the internet for any information. Her search led her to videos posted by Hamas, showing her grandmother being taken to Gaza by armed men.

Adva’s anguish is palpable. “It’s heart-breaking. It hurts in every part of our bodies,” she says, concerned for her grandmother’s health as she requires daily medication.

As the conflict rages on, Adva’s family clings to hope, praying for her grandmother’s safe return. Their story, reported by the BBC, is a reminder that amidst geopolitical complexities, real people are suffering, hoping for peace and the reunification of their loved ones.