In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight during the Season 24 finale of The Voice, Gwen Stefani revealed her exciting plans for the upcoming year, and they involve the release of new music. The “Cool” singer expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I’m actually putting out music, so I’m excited about that.”

Stefani disclosed that this musical endeavor has been a long-time passion, and she has dedicated significant effort to perfecting her upcoming releases. “I’ve been working on this for a long time. I’ve finally landed in that place where I’m obsessed, where I can’t stop listening, so I feel like I’m somewhere,” she added.

Over the past year, Stefani has already treated fans to a taste of her musical creativity with the release of a few new songs. Notably, she shared her solo track “True Babe” and collaborated with Blake Shelton on the song “Love Is Alive.” It’s worth noting that her last solo album, a Christmas-themed compilation titled “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” was released in 2017.

As Gwen Stefani gears up to make her musical comeback, fans can anticipate a blend of her signature style and perhaps some fresh, innovative sounds. Stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting chapter in Stefani’s solo career.