In a thriving year for the UK music scene, music consumption saw a 10% increase in 2023, propelled by the rise of streaming platforms and the enduring popularity of vinyl records.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), representing the nation’s record companies, reported a remarkable 182.8 million albums sold or streamed, marking the industry’s ninth consecutive annual growth.

The standout factor in this surge has been the success of female artists, who dominated the UK singles charts for a record-breaking 31 weeks in 2023. Noteworthy contributors include Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, and PinkPantheress.

Jo Twist, CEO of BPI, highlighted the unprecedented success of a “more diverse range of recording artists” achieving greatness with strong label support.

With a total of 179.6 billion streams measured in the UK, digital sales have become a financial backbone for leading music labels, doubling in the past five years. Streaming experienced a 13% increase in 2023, now constituting 88% of the market.

Vinyl LPs experienced a remarkable 11.8% YoY increase, reaching 6.1 million units—the fastest pace in over 30 years. This resurgence defies the notion that vinyl is outdated. On the other hand, CD sales declined nearly 7% to 10.8 million units, with Take That’s “This Life” claiming the title of the best-selling CD. Surprisingly, over 100,000 cassette tapes were also purchased, reflecting a nostalgic trend.

The UK music landscape continues to evolve, with streaming and vinyl leading the way in shaping consumer preferences and industry trends.