In a cinematic landscape often adorned with provocative scenes and bare-it-all moments, Julia Roberts stands as a beacon of modesty with what she describes as her “G-rated career.” The 56-year-old actress, renowned for her iconic role as a prostitute in “Pretty Woman,” recently opened up about her deliberate decision to abstain from disrobing on screen.

Roberts, whose career has spanned decades, emphasized that her choice to keep her clothes on during movie scenes is a conscious decision she makes for herself. In an exclusive interview with the February issue of British Vogue, she expressed, “You know, not to be criticizing others’ choices, but for me not to take off my clothes in a movie or be vulnerable in physical ways is a choice that I guess I make for myself. But in effect, I’m choosing not to do something as opposed to choosing to do something.”

Despite her personal choice, Roberts was careful not to cast judgment on fellow actors who have opted for a more revealing approach in their roles. She acknowledged the diversity of choices within the industry, respecting the decisions made by others without imposing her own standards.

Delving into a personal perspective, Roberts revealed that her decision might be intricately linked to her familial ties, particularly with her 89-year-old relative, the feminist trailblazer Gloria Steinem. The actress shared insights gained from a recent exploration of her family tree alongside the esteemed Dr. Henry Gates, known for his show “Finding Your Roots.” Roberts expressed her fascination with the show, highlighting the brilliance of Dr. Gates and the profound impact of discovering one’s ancestry.

In a world where exposure often equates to success, Julia Roberts stands firm in her conviction to navigate the cinematic landscape with a touch of modesty, cherishing her G-rated choices amidst a sea of diverse performances. As she continues her journey in the spotlight, the actress remains grounded in her individuality, acknowledging the importance of personal choices in a profession known for its myriad expressions of creativity and vulnerability.