Apple recently announced the launch of its new iPads, now equipped with a chip described as “outrageously powerful for AI,” highlighting the company’s increased emphasis on artificial intelligence capabilities.

During an event on Tuesday, Apple introduced the M4 chip, designed for its latest iPad Pro models. This release comes shortly after the debut of the M3 chip, which was integrated into new Macs last October.

The rapid advancements in chip technology are largely driven by AI developers’ growing need for more robust computing power. Leading technology firms, including Apple and Nvidia, are accelerating their development of high-performance processors to meet these demands.

Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have also recently introduced their own AI-focused chips, underscoring the importance of chip design and innovation among the top tech giants.

Apple’s Vice-President of Platform Architecture, Tim Millet, praised the new M4 chip for its enhanced performance. He noted the chip’s integrated central processing unit, graphics processor, and specialized AI capabilities, known as the “neural engine,” marking a significant improvement over previous versions.