The trial of Jeremie Camilleri, the 33-year-old man from Lija accused of murdering Pelin Kaya, a 30-year-old Turk, resumed on Monday in front of Magistrate Rachel Montebello. The disturbing incident occurred on January 16 in Msida, where Kaya was allegedly run over by a car near a local food establishment.

The first witness to testify on the day was Inspector Jean Paul Pizzuto, a member of the Police Forensic Unit. Pizzuto revealed that he had been hired to film a residence and a sweet shop in Lija, potentially providing valuable evidence in the case.

Inspector Andrea Zahra also took to the stand, recounting the events he witnessed on the night of the incident. Zahra testified that he saw a BMW car enter the KFC establishment and discovered a girl lying on the ground with a man who appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The man in question acted aggressively towards the police and nurses, even going so far as to threaten them and swear he would not forget their faces.

Zahra also revealed that other witnesses informed him that Camilleri had been throwing stones at passersby on the street. These statements could play a significant role in the ongoing case.

As the trial continues, further evidence and testimony are expected to be presented in front of Magistrate Montebello. The brutal nature of the crime has shocked the local community, and many are closely following the proceedings in the hopes of obtaining justice for Kaya and her loved ones.