Winning the BOV Premier League has given Hamrun Spartans fans plenty of reason to celebrate. As the club gears up for the upcoming celebrations, the club’s President, Joseph Portelli, and CEO, Marcel Bonnici, will be featured guests on a special edition of the popular radio show ‘Mid-Dinja Hamrun’ this Friday. The program, now in its third year on Radio 105 and also available on Facebook Live, will give fans a chance to reflect on their team’s recent success in winning the Premier League.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the appearance of the President and CEO on the show, excited to hear about the team’s recent triumph in the Premier League and their preparations for the upcoming European campaign. During the show, the guests will discuss their plans for the team’s future, and clips of fans sending their congratulations to the President and CEO for their championship win will also be broadcasted.

Bryan Degabriele conceived “Mid-Dinja Hamrun” and proposed the idea to Radio 105’s director, Manuel Chircop. A meeting was held at Radio 105 studios, attended by several individuals, including presenter Louis Vella, visual specialist Stephen Chircop, Bernard Pace, Andrei Dimech, and Mayor Christian Sammut, to develop the show’s plan under the guidance of Marcel Bonnici.

Over the past three years, the show has evolved into a comprehensive TV program, becoming increasingly popular among fans. Its monthly broadcasts are highly anticipated, and plans are already underway to make it even more significant and better for the next season.

The special edition of ‘Mid-Dinja Hamrun’ this Friday is a significant event for Hamrun Spartans fans, providing an opportunity to celebrate their team’s success in winning the Premier League and look forward to the future. The appearance of the team’s President and CEO on the show demonstrates their commitment to engaging with fans, and the continued success of ‘Mid-Dinja Hamrun’ reflects the team’s popularity and growing fanbase.