In a historic moment for both the Official Chart and the Eurovision Song Contest, this week marks the first time in 71 years that four tracks from the renowned competition have stormed their way into the Top 10 of the Official Singles Chart. This achievement, confirmed by the Official Charts Company, showcases the increasing impact of Eurovision entries on the country’s musical landscape and the wider consciousness of its people.

Leading the pack is Loreen, the Swedish winner of Eurovision 2023. With her electrifying dance anthem “Tattoo,” Loreen secures an impressive debut at Number 2 on the Official Chart. This remarkable feat not only marks her highest peak on the chart to date but also distinguishes her as the first woman and only the second person ever to claim victory at Eurovision twice.

What makes Loreen’s success even more noteworthy is that “Tattoo” surpasses the achievements of her legendary Eurovision-winning song from 2012, “Euphoria.” While “Euphoria” peaked at Number 3 on the Official Chart, “Tattoo” climbs even higher, solidifying Loreen’s status as one of the most prominent stars ever to emerge from the iconic contest.

Joining Loreen in the Top 10 are three other Eurovision talents who have managed to captivate the British audience. Finland’s Käärijä, the UK’s Mae Muller, and Norway’s Alessandra all celebrate their well-deserved success, further exemplifying the expanding influence of Eurovision music beyond the competition stage.

The achievement of having four Eurovision tracks in the Official Chart Top 10 simultaneously not only serves as a testament to the enduring popularity of the contest but also reflects the evolving tastes of music listeners. The ability of Eurovision entries to transcend boundaries and resonate with a wider audience speaks volumes about the artistry and universal appeal of the songs.