In a somber announcement on Wednesday (Jan. 10), the entertainment world bid farewell to Peter Crombie, renowned for his memorable portrayal of “Crazy” Joe Davola, the sitcom writer who famously terrorized Jerry Seinfeld during the fourth season of the iconic show “Seinfeld.” The actor, aged 71, succumbed to an intestinal illness.

The news of Crombie’s passing was shared by his ex-wife, Nadine Kijner, through heartfelt posts on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. In a poignant tribute, she expressed her shock and extreme sadness, remembering him as a good man who left behind a legacy of wonderful memories.

Kijner’s words echoed the sentiments of many who knew Crombie personally and admired his work. She wrote, “Fly free into the un-boundless source of light, Peter. May you be greeted with love by your parents, and Oliver. So so many people loved you because you were a kind, giving, caring, and creative soul.”

As fans and colleagues mourn the loss of Peter Crombie, his contributions to the entertainment industry, especially his iconic role as “Crazy” Joe Davola, will forever be cherished.