Hamrun Amateurs has emerged as the deserving recipient of the prestigious fair play award, recognizing the team’s outstanding disciplinary record in the Division.

This accomplishment holds special significance as the 2022-23 season marked Hamrun Amateurs’ debut in the MAFA 3rd Division. In their inaugural campaign, the team showcased remarkable sportsmanship and adherence to fair play principles.

Throughout the season, spanning fifteen league matches, Hamrun Amateurs demonstrated exemplary conduct by receiving the fewest yellow and red cards among all the competing teams in the division. Their commitment to playing the game with integrity and respect for the rules stood out prominently, earning them this esteemed recognition.

The Fair Play trophy will be presented to Hamrun Amateurs during the upcoming MAFA Presentation Night scheduled for June 9th. This event serves as an occasion to honor and celebrate the achievements of various teams and individuals in the league, highlighting their contributions to the sport and upholding its values.

Hamrun Amateurs’ success in securing the Fair Play award underscores their dedication to maintaining a high level of discipline and sportsmanship throughout their inaugural season in the MAFA 3rd Division. It serves as a testament to the team’s professionalism and serves as an inspiration to others in the league.