Anticipate inclement weather hitting Malta between September 5th and September 9th, featuring heavy rainfall and robust winds.

Early Monday, the Maltese Islands Weather Facebook page alerted the public to a low-pressure system approaching the Maltese archipelago. This weather system is poised to introduce stormy conditions, persisting from late Tuesday until Saturday, effectively affecting the region over several days.

While many residents may have been looking forward to an extended weekend due to the Victory Day public holiday on Friday, the meteorological outlook offers a less optimistic view. Friday, unfortunately, appears to be the week’s wettest day, with rain showers predicted to dominate.

Additionally, brace yourselves for the arrival of strong winds that may escalate to gale force levels, ranging from Force 5 to 7 on the Beaufort scale. These powerful gusts are expected to persist consistently throughout the week.

Tuesday morning might commence on a sunny note, but this pleasant weather is expected to be short-lived as evening approaches, bringing with it a forecast of rainstorms.

Looking ahead, Wednesday and Thursday seem destined for predominantly overcast conditions, occasionally punctuated by isolated rainstorms that could potentially include thunderstorms. These meteorological events are most likely to concentrate their impact on the central and southern regions of Malta.