On the 10th of November, an exciting competition, ‘Lords of Arena,’ will take place at the Sports Pavilion in Ta’ Qali, organized by ‘The Arena Promotions’ under the management of Simon Chetcuti.

During a recent interview on Radio 105, Mr. Chetcuti expressed his observations on the growing popularity of combat sports in Malta. He noted a surge in interest, particularly among women, with a noteworthy participation of 10 female athletes in this upcoming event.

Two of the event’s participants, Ritmay and Darren, had the opportunity to share their thoughts on Radio 105. They emphasized that the intense 10 minutes spent in the ring would be the culmination of months of dedicated preparation and numerous sacrifices.

This sanctioned sporting extravaganza, endorsed by the World Kickboxing Association (WKA), will feature a total of 40 fights across various disciplines, including Boxing, Kickboxing, K1 rules, and Mixed Martial Arts, showcasing the remarkable talent within Malta’s combat sports scene.

A total of 33 clubs will participate, with 21 of them hailing from Malta and three from the picturesque island of Gozo. In total, a roster of eighty athletes will engage in 40 fiercely contested bouts, promising an evening filled with thrilling displays of skill and determination.

Notably, the President of the World Kickboxing Association, Dave Sawyer, will be in attendance to grace this event with his presence. The ‘Lords of Arena’ promises to be a remarkable showcase of the evolving and expanding world of combat sports in Malta, with athletes and fans eagerly anticipating the spectacle.