On the 17th of June 2023, sports enthusiasts from around the Maltese Islands will converge at the prestigious Montekristo Estate to witness an extraordinary event organized by Arena Combat Sports Promotions. Titled the ‘Gods of War’ Champions Cup, this highly anticipated gathering will feature an array of talented fighters, both from Malta and abroad.

In a recent interview on Radio 105, Mr. Simon Chetcuti, the visionary organizer behind this grand spectacle, shared his excitement about the upcoming event. He revealed that ‘Gods of War’ will showcase thrilling bouts of various combat disciplines, including Kickboxing, K1, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. Amateurs and Professionals will grace the arena, showcasing their skills and battling it out for four prestigious KWA International Titles.

With an impressive total of 18 local clubs and 5 international clubs participating, ‘Gods of War’ promises to be an exceptional gathering of talented fighters. During the interview on Radio 105, two aspiring participants, Mariah Baldacchino and Victor Galea, expressed their heartfelt passion for combat sports, highlighting the significance of this event in their athletic journeys.

Fans eagerly anticipating this unparalleled showcase of skill and strength can listen to the complete interview below, gaining valuable insights into the immense dedication and enthusiasm behind the ‘Gods of War’ Champions Cup.

As the countdown begins, the excitement continues to build among combat sports enthusiasts and the wider sporting community. The ‘Gods of War’ Champions Cup at Montekristo Estate promises to deliver a night of unforgettable battles, where fighters will leave everything in the ring, vying for glory and claiming their place among the elite.