During the latest episode of “Mid-Dinja Hamrun” on Radio 105, Hamrun Spartans’ goalkeeper, Hanry Bonello, and Mr. Victor Cassar, Head of International Relations, underscored the club’s unwavering commitment to securing the treble this season. This impressive feat would involve claiming victory in the Premier League, the FA Trophy, and even the Super Cup.

The radio program “Mid-Dinja Hamrun,” now in its fourth year, has undergone a significant transformation. It has moved to a new, cutting-edge studio directed by Stephen Chircop, aiming to offer an even richer and more engaging experience to its audience. The program’s evolution underscores its dedication to delivering high-quality content and keeping fans well-informed.

During the show, the host, Louis Vella, introduced an exciting new segment that allowed fans to participate in the discussion via Zoom, fostering a more interactive and engaging platform for supporters to connect with the club and express their sentiments.

Hamrun Spartans’ pursuit of the treble this season signifies a remarkable commitment to excellence, and fans are eagerly following the journey to see if the team can accomplish this extraordinary feat. As the club’s representatives emphasized during the program, the collective ambition to secure the Premier League, the FA Trophy, and the Super Cup serves as a testament to Hamrun Spartans’ unyielding determination and dedication to success.

“Mid-Dinja Hamrun” remains a vital source of information and entertainment for the club’s supporters. It provides unique insights into the club’s inner workings, aspirations, and the progress they make toward their treble dream. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned to the program and actively engage with the team and fellow supporters as they embark on this exciting and ambitious endeavor.