A 43-year-old father from Mtarfa faced charges of corrupting and engaging in sexual acts with his minor daughters, aged 17 and 12. The Prosecution, led by Advocate General’s Office lawyer Dr Darleen Grima, along with Police Inspectors Godwin Scerri and Wayne Buhagiar, detailed that a young girl, accompanied by a woman, reported the abuse at Rabat Police Station on January 6.

The victim revealed that the abuse had persisted over the years, and shockingly, her mother was allegedly aware of the situation, instructing her daughter not to disclose the abuse to anyone, including authorities. The girl asserted that her sister also suffered from the same mistreatment.

The police, accompanied by a representative from the Child Protection Unit, interviewed the victim. The accused, a delivery man, pleaded not guilty to the charges in court. The case sheds light on the alarming issue of familial abuse, sparking legal proceedings to address this distressing situation.