Elon Musk, the 52-year-old tech mogul, recently announced on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) a landmark achievement by Neuralink: the successful implantation of their brain chip in a human subject for the first time.

Details of the Implantation Procedure

Musk reported that the procedure, conducted on Sunday, went smoothly, with the patient currently in good recovery. Although he refrained from revealing specific details about the patient or the operation, Musk confirmed the encouraging detection of neuron spikes post-surgery.

Technical Aspects of the Chip

The chip, roughly the size of a quarter, is integrated with numerous slender, thread-like electrodes. As detailed by the Wall Street Journal, these electrodes are directly inserted into the brain, capturing and transmitting neural electrical signals. According to Reuters, the chip is strategically positioned in the brain area responsible for movement intention.

Future Goals and Products

In a further update on X, Musk disclosed Neuralink’s ambitious project “Telepathy,” potentially a new name or a distinct product from the previously announced Link brain implant.

Potential Applications

Musk envisions this technology enabling users to control digital devices merely through thought. Highlighting the chip’s transformative potential, he cited the possibility of individuals with mobility impairments, like the late Stephen Hawking, achieving communication speeds surpassing even the fastest typists.

Personal Commitment of Musk

Reaffirming his belief in Neuralink’s mission, Musk, as per CNBC, has pledged to undergo the implant procedure himself, a commitment he made public in 2022.