Adele, the singer known for hits like “Hello,” has revealed that she won’t be working on a new album anytime soon. Despite her anxiety about performing in front of large crowds, she has promised that when she does return with new music, she will go on a world tour. During her Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency, she told the audience, “I just don’t think I’m gonna write an album for quite some time. But next time I do, I’ll come to wherever it is you live.”

The Grammy-winning artist, who extended her Las Vegas residency, shared how performing intimately with her fans has helped her “reconnect” with her music. She said, “Being on stage over the last year, up close and personal with an audience again after all these years, has been a truly extraordinary restorative experience that I’ll never forget.” She cherished the interactions and moments with her fans, even during emotional performances of her sad songs.

Adele, who has an 11-year-old son and is now with sporting agent Rich Paul, also explained why she took long breaks between albums. She revealed that she became a mother during the height of her career at the age of 21, a decision that was considered career suicide by many. However, she chose to reject the idea that constant relevance is necessary for success and found success both on and off the stage.