Princess Kate, at the age of 42, courageously shared her cancer diagnosis and treatment process in a moving video message, bringing to light another challenge faced by the British royal family shortly after King Charles disclosed his own cancer treatment. The news, which Kate described as a “huge shock,” has led to her withdrawal from public duties since her abdominal surgery earlier in January.

Despite the unexpected diagnosis, the Princess of Wales is optimistic, stating she is “well and getting stronger every day.” The type of cancer Kate is battling remains undisclosed, though she confirmed being in the initial phase of her treatment plan.

The emotional announcement was made from Windsor, where Kate, sitting on a bench, expressed her profound gratitude towards Prince William for his unwavering support during this difficult time. Moreover, she revealed the delicate process of informing their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, about her health condition, reassuring them of her eventual recovery.