Radio 105 Network in Malta has unveiled its latest addition, Radio 105 Nineties, marking the ninth channel on the island’s largest radio network. Dedicated exclusively to the iconic music of the 1990s, this new digital channel is accessible through various online radio apps and smart speakers, making it easier than ever for listeners to relive the golden era of music.

In an interview with, Network Manager Mr. Manuel Chircop expressed his enthusiasm about this new venture. “We are here to continue to make a revolution in the radio industry and offer the best possible variety to our listeners,” he said. Mr. Chircop highlighted the network’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and enhancing the listening experience for its audience.

Radio 105 Nineties aims to transport listeners back to a decade filled with unforgettable hits and timeless classics. From grunge and alternative rock to pop anthems and dance tracks, the channel promises a curated selection of the best music from the 90s, catering to fans of various genres from that era.

As the ninth channel in the Radio 105 Network’s impressive lineup, Radio 105 Nineties joins an already robust suite of stations that cater to a wide range of musical tastes and preferences. The network’s dedication to innovation and variety ensures that there is something for everyone, reinforcing its position as Malta’s leading radio network.

Listeners can easily tune into Radio 105 Nineties through multiple platforms, providing seamless access to their favorite 90s tunes anytime, anywhere. Whether at home via a smart speaker or on the go through a mobile app, the nostalgic beats of the 90s are just a click away.

With the launch of Radio 105 Nineties, Radio 105 Network continues to push the boundaries of radio entertainment, bringing the beloved sounds of the 90s to a new generation of listeners while rekindling fond memories for those who lived through the decade. As Mr. Chircop aptly put it, this channel is a testament to the network’s ongoing revolution in the radio industry, offering unparalleled variety and quality to its dedicated audience.