Renowned singer Ed Sheeran has made a firm decision to never do drugs again after losing his closest friend, Jamal Edwards, to a cocaine overdose last year. In an emotional interview, the 32-year-old musician revealed that it would be “disrespectful” to Jamal’s memory to even go near drugs.

Sheeran admitted to using drugs twice a day, but the shock of his friend’s death made him realize the dangers of drug abuse. He explained, “I would never, ever, ever touch anything again, because that’s how Jamal died. And that’s just disrespectful to his memory to even, like, go near.”

Aside from opening up about his vow to stay drug-free, Sheeran also discussed his struggles with suicidal thoughts and binge-eating. He revealed that he started taking drugs in his mid-20s and gradually became addicted to them. Although he was always a drinker, he never touched any form of drugs until later in life.

This interview marks the first time that Sheeran has discussed his drug use publicly. By sharing his experience, the Grammy-winning artist hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of drug addiction and inspire others to seek help. Sheeran’s decision to quit drugs is a testament to his commitment to his own well-being and to honoring the memory of his dear friend.

The loss of a loved one can be a powerful wake-up call to reevaluate one’s life choices. Sheeran’s pledge to never touch drugs again is a brave step towards a healthier and happier future. It serves as a reminder that we should always prioritize our health and well-being and be mindful of the impact our actions have on those around us.

In conclusion, Ed Sheeran’s interview sheds light on the dangers of drug addiction and highlights the importance of seeking help. His vow to never do drugs again after the death of his best friend is a powerful reminder to prioritize our health and well-being and honor the memory of those we have lost.