At CES 2024, the annual extravaganza hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, the spotlight was on cutting-edge kitchen gadgets that blur the lines between science fiction and culinary reality.

Among the dazzling displays was a cocktail-mixing marvel reminiscent of a Keurig, standing as a testament to the marriage of technology and mixology. Additionally, a robot barista, meticulously programmed to replicate the nuanced motions of a human crafting a vanilla latte, captured the imagination of attendees.

Diving into the heart of this culinary evolution, emerging tech startup Chef AI unveiled a groundbreaking appliance they dub the “real one-touch” air fryer. Unlike its conventional counterparts found on kitchen counters worldwide, Chef AI’s iteration eliminates the need for manual settings. A simple act of placing food in the air fryer and pressing the Start button triggers a sophisticated artificial intelligence system. According to Dean Khormaei, the visionary CEO of Chef AI, the appliance discerns the type of food being cooked, requiring no additional input from the user.

Khormaei boldly claims that this AI-powered air fryer has the transformative ability to turn even the most hapless cooks into culinary maestros. The prospect of creating gourmet dishes with minimal effort is tantalizing, offering a lifeline to those who may struggle in the kitchen.

Scheduled for release in the U.S. in September at a reasonable price point of $250, Chef AI’s creation promises a paradigm shift in the way we approach meal preparation. The fusion of artificial intelligence and culinary expertise heralds a future where cooking becomes a seamless and accessible experience for everyone.

As we stand on the cusp of a new era in kitchen technology, the once-daunting prospect of preparing meals may soon be relegated to the annals of history. Chef AI’s “real one-touch” air fryer stands as a harbinger of a world where the boundaries between amateur and professional chefs blur, ushering in an age where everyone can revel in the joy of creating culinary delights with the touch of a button.