In a tantalizing revelation, 54-year-old pop sensation Jennifer Lopez bares her emotions about her relationship with Ben Affleck in her latest single, “Can’t Get Enough.” This track serves as the lead from her upcoming album, This Is Me Now, and offers a passionate glimpse into the couple’s love life through its steamy lyrics.

As disclosed by The Sun newspaper, Lopez croons, “Is this real life? / Too good to be true / Take me all night / I can feel the passion in your eyes / I’m still in love with you.” The song further delves into the intensity of their romance, describing their love as “so good” that it’s almost unbelievable. Lopez expresses, “Don’t wanna share with no one else / You’re always the one I needed / Don’t gotta keep a secret, but I’ll let you keep me to yourself / It’s the way you love me. The way you touch me / It’s the way you look at me / I can’t get enough of you, boy.”

The single not only showcases Lopez’s vocal prowess but also serves as a musical testament to the depth of her affection for Affleck, giving fans an intimate glimpse into their love story.