Hamrun Spartans F.C. has announced a victorious outcome in the recent protest lodged by Hibernians F.C. regarding a dispute over player eligibility. The appeal was thoroughly reviewed yesterday at Ta Qali Stadium, starting at 5:00 PM, where the documentation and evidence presented by Hamrun Spartans convincingly addressed and countered the allegations made by Hibernians F.C.

Central to the dispute was the claim by Hibernians that Chris Rutjens was not eligible to participate in the match against them. However, Hamrun Spartans F.C. managed to effectively dismantle this argument, leveraging robust evidence and detailed references to both FIFA and MFA regulations, thereby ensuring the player’s eligibility was beyond question.

This resolution means that the three points Hamrun Spartans F.C. earned on the field in the contested match will remain valid, solidifying their three-point lead in the league standings. This outcome not only signifies a victory on the field but also a significant legal and regulatory triumph for the club.

The team that represented Hamrun Spartans F.C. in this crucial appeal consisted of esteemed members including:

  • Dr. Joseph Giglio, serving as the Legal Advisor,
  • Marcel Bonnici, the Club President,
  • Victor Cassar, in charge of International Relations,
  • Eric Saliba, the Executive PA,
  • Stephen Saliba, the Secretary-General,
  • Bernard Pace, the Operations Manager, and
  • Paul Borg, a member of the Governance Board.

This cohesive team effort underscores the club’s commitment to excellence both on and off the field, ensuring that justice and fair play prevail in the competitive arena of football.