In a recent trademark dispute, pop singer Katy Perry was defeated by Australian fashion designer Katie Perry.

Katie Taylor, who sells her clothing line under her birth name Katie Perry, filed a lawsuit against the pop star, alleging that her merchandise violated a trademark owned by Katie.

A judge concurred on Friday, ruling that the clothing sold during Katy’s 2014 Australian tour infringed upon Katie’s trademark.

Justice Brigitte Markovic, in her ruling, referred to the case as “a tale of two women, two teenage dreams, and one name.”

The judge acknowledged that the Teenage Dream singer, whose birth name is Katheryn Hudson, used the name Katy Perry in “good faith” and is not personally liable for any compensation to the designer.

However, Katy’s company Kitty Purry will be required to pay damages, the amount of which will be determined next month.

The designer began selling clothing under the brand name Katie Perry in 2007 and registered it as a trademark in Australia the following year.

The judge found that Katy, who achieved her first chart success in 2008, had infringed upon the trademark by promoting various items such as a jacket featuring her album Roar, as well as “Cozy Little Christmas” hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants, and scarves on social media.

However, the judge dismissed additional claims relating to sales in specific stores and websites and merchandise from a 2018 tour.

Justice Markovic rejected Katy Perry’s attempt to invalidate the Katie Perry trademark.

The designer hailed the outcome as a victory in a “David and Goliath” case.